Mary Prantil Dire Warning – Elizabeth Arden of Complaints Board and Host Michelle Reitenger Of InMotion Hosting

MARY PRANTIL A Dire Warning Elizabeth Arden of Complaints Board and Host Michelle Reitenger Of InMotion Hosting

Gripe or Smear Sites,

Are They Credible ?
This post, is a exercise of my first amendment rights to freedom of expression and or, freedom of speech under the Constitution of the United States and thereof, reflects my personal concerns, thoughts, opinions and sound conclusions that are based only on the facts of the situations presented me through my research regarding what I refer to as rant sites.
The situation relating to scam sites regarding my performed research in this post on the topic again, reflects my opinion stated clearly : “in my opinion”, or stated as a matter of “public record fact” via online court documents and not hearsay or the opinions of others.
Even though I don’t necessarily agree or disagree with the opinions of others cited in this post through the links provided for public convenience herein, I felt these links necessary to yield a rounded picture of the problem at hand concerning the issue of scam forum sites in general and the effects they have on interstate commerce through public perception of a given Entity.
In this commentary, I will give a neutral view as rigorous as this might be in that my wife and I have been repeatedly attacked reputation wise via false and untrue postings made on and coming from these sites via a mentally ill troll with a long criminal charge record for the last eight years, a troll in which these types of sites give unresisted passage and over all free rein to post as she will, apparently.
Yet and again, I am not singling out these few particular sites mentioned in this article however, I will tend to use them as an example in showing the enigma at hand and further, the damage they contribute to and at times, either directly or indirectly procure between the business world and the consumer moreover, the effects that these sites directly or indirectly emotionally inflict on the consumer via the opinions formed by the consumer in reading a post and or, believing in a un-factchecked post and thereof causing anger, fear and apprehension to some in both the business and consumer communities as a result.
This post is also geared as a public warning, or a warning to serve the public good and over all welfare through a non-profit making venture or post and or, free information that positively and factually informs the public of a potential problem, or problems that may exist on the topic of scam forums concerning the fact checking element that doesn’t seem to be evident along within them, or the un-veted persons in which they allow to post whatever material against a individual without question.
Firstly, let’s compare the difference between to sites in particular being ROR or rip off reports and Complaints Board, both charge great deals of money to either redact in the case of ROR to which means, “change or altar the post heading but not delete it”, while in the case of complaints board they only send you emails stating that to remove negative or completely false post, it will cost you through their paid service.
Ed Magedson makes his business contact information available even though not his residence and other pertinent information seems to be missing yet, complaints board doesn’t post any of its information unless I missed it and hell, they won’t even consider taking what is a obvious liable post down unless you to pay money through a paid service, whatever that is. Both sites not only allow and permit anyone to post un-factchecked and liable articles, but refuse to remove them at all in the case of ROR and further, will remove them through their paid service in the case of complaints board.

In essence, both sites will allow anyone to post under anonymity be they false trash postings or legitimate complaints that again both sites, will only address after you move through their paid programs, what a deal since it will cost you between $2,500.00 and $5,000.00 to get anything redacted or completely removed be it again, true or false negative comments. However, if a antagonist re-post the defamatory statements about a person or company, the person or company will have to pay out again for the provided services, how convenient for these sites being rip off report and complaints board, don’t you think ?
Rip Off Report is based in Arizona while complaints board according to this court link below in where Ed Magedson had sued complaints board and it’s Owner being Elizabeth Arden d/b/a;; Michelle Reitenger; InMotion Hosting, Inc., doesn’t give a current location in where they reside however, you can discover their real names and possible locations here at:
Rip off report and its Owner Ed Magedson sued complaintsboard for what ? Federal Tradmark infringement is the answer lol. Wow, Rip off report has my personal image all over it without my expressed permission or signed consent to do so and hence, does this make him a Hippocrate ? He has our personal information and images all over the place just like complaints board has my my wife’s personal and business information along with mine posted all over its pages, without our written or expressed consent, what does that make them ? I will let you answer this.
Yes, Personal information, private and business photos, along with miles and miles of smears, slanders and just pure liable against our persons and company name put there by a known criminal being Mary Prantil, a criminal whom fled New York to evade even more criminal charges of harassment against innocent people both land-based and online.
A criminal in which both the sites of rip off report, complaints board and other grip sites have permitted and still permit to post on their sites knowing that she is a mentally deranged criminal with a 20 year record of harassing and slandering others, they know this because I personally sent them her official criminal records. A person whom has been encouraged by these sites to post against anyone that disagreed with her for whatever reasons via their business setup and technical format and yet, these sites without remorse or action, still attempt to profit off of her and others making harassing statements against yet others be they guilty or not of the reported offense.
If you would like to read more about Mary Prantil and her colorful criminal history, then please check out this link at at: and her new residence link in San Diego California at: and lastly, her again attacking the reputation of her attorney on complaints board that she screwed out of a lot of money in one of her con games.
Please be sure to get the attorneys side of the story by reading his response at the very end and or , the very bottom of her ranting and long winded repetitive spamming post that can be seen here at: .
Here’s Elizabeth Arden whom failed to appear in ROR Lawsuit just so you can have a little more history on this person and her interactions with ED at: and the PDF file of the courts findings in the cases presented at:
Here’s the link of Elizabeth Arden’s cooperate addresses at: Could this be the same Elizabeth Arden appearing on the rip off report lawsuit ? The same Elizabeth Arden that owns complaints board ? The same complaints board that has the Elizabeth Arden cosmetics banners popping up on complaints board from time to time.
Again, the same Elizabeth Arden who currently charges innocent businesses and private persons to remove false nasty post made against their business or personal names, the same the same person that allows others to post reports against the real Elizabeth Arden cosmetics on complaints board such as can be seen here at :, a bit confusing isn’t it, or is it ?
Well, to answer this question I would say, no their not the same people and why ? because this is the real Elizabeth Arden company in where you can read her biography and about the business she started in 1920’s,_Inc and no, the Elizabeth Arden owning complaints board is a impostor who has absolutely nothing to do with this cosmetics company.
Yet, the complaints board Elizabeth Arden named in the rip off report lawsuit has either changed her name to Elizabeth Arden for purposes of imitation and or, by the pull of the straw had this name assigned to her at birth. Could this just be a person that plays off a famous name to come off bigger then life ? To be something more then she really is ? just some gal that owns a smear site named complaints board who wants to mislead the public in believing her to be rich and more credible then she really is, I wonder don’t you ?
Like rip off report, complaints board states that their not responsible for the comments made or posted on their sites but unlike rip off report, they never say or admit that some of their postings on site are untrue, not accurate and more so, that the post made on complaints board are not checked out to be factual before they are passed to be posted.
I also find deception being played on by both sites in that they both attempt to come off more then they are by association to other federal and cooperate Entities and why do I believe them to be doing this ? They do it in a effort to buy them credibility with the over all public however, when checking out their claims of association and otherwise personal histories One can see that they are anything but what they say they are and this is why, and in my opinion, they take such great care in either hiding their real identities behind other corporations and or, associating themselves with government and law enforcement agencies.

That is, until they themselves, are exposed for who they really are being people riding off the coattails of others and or, attempting to appear legitimate by saying that they have close working relationships with other legitimate businesses or government agencies and worse, for personal monetary gain in causing the public to view them as something more then they really are, isn’t this something both sites pride themselves in exposing to the public ?
I find fault with both sites in the sense that they both were made aware by what I’ve read online and through my own personal private contact with these sites stating, that the post on their sites in regards to my wife and myself were purely liable and yet, the result was nothing back from them other then making an offer to remove or redact the trash postings through the service they offer and apparently, it seems others got the same treatment from these sites from what I’ve been reading online, others whom have been victimized by trolls, spammers and scams on these same sites posting trash against these innocent people and companies to this very day.
Furthermore, these two sites demand payment to change negative headers or to completely remove false post and so, this leads me to believe that these two sites aren’t about the public’s welfare at all and more so, about in profiting off of the unfortunate circumstances of others that have run into looser mentalities, losers who have nothing better to do other then posting hateful comments about other people and their businesses.
These sites under the spotlight as the usage of example continues, could remove false post free of charge to guard the remaining credibility left and or, the trace reputations of their sites, but they don’t, they don’t because like the greedy crayfish never wanting to let go of the meat dangled before them theses sites to are now and in the past squabbling over who owns the negative post that others have written via copyright infringement litigation.
Ok, let’s move over to a given and legitimate complaint against a company or private person, do you really think posting a complaint on these grip sites will resolve anything past shamming a company or person ? Posting on grip sites only causes the offending company to dig their hills in and besides, if a claim was a legitimate claim against a company in the first place, then why would you need to use a grip site like rip off report or complaints board and the answer is, you wouldn’t.
These sites are for vindictive people who aren’t really trying to resolve a trade issue more so, then people more interested in shamming companies, posting liable, or stooping to the same unethical tactics against others the grip sites use against anyone they can.
Why not use the rant sites if I’m not a vindictive person whom really wants justice in my situation, you ask ? Because there’s a whole ten to twenty directories on google of federal and state government agencies that will right the wrong done to the consumer as in this link provided for you here at : but there again, you have to provide proof of your statements that is, prove that you were ripped off by a business unless, you choose not to use these official government sites and would rather just post on the grip sites to where, no proof is needed and further, resolution to a issue is seldom found.
Sites such as complaints board and rip off report are again, and in my opinion, very unreliable reporting sites and certainly not credible sources of information to judge any company or person off of and more so, sites that irresponsibly offer sources of questionable information in the hopes of ultimately profiting from negative information.
Profiting off negative information in allowing anonymous others to mislead the public through false statements via the sites inaction and or, by the site not checking out the given postings for factual content before they are posted.
Yet the sites in question, move to post the un-veted report, or published the un-checked post with flagrant disregard for the damage it causes against a possible innocent person or business with the with the bottom line being to profit monetarily off the conflict between a unknown author of a post and the desperate businesses owners who may attempt to redeem their reputations by correcting the record through a paid service.
Of course, if a person or business chooses not to pay what some would consider to be extortion, then the negative press and or, untrue and false statements about the person or company will stay on the rotating search engines forever.
However, no real justice is ever served past this to anyone on the end of the negative or completely false comments posted against them on sites like this plus the fact, they’ve wasted a lot of money if they were buffaloed into paying for these services offered by the rant sites and why ? because no matter what these two sites do in the way of redacting or deletion, cached pages and or, snap shot pages of the negative remarks still stay on the search engines for years to come.
Worse yet, I don’t believe the consumer is helped by these mentioned grip sites above as these web sites are just another confusing aspect to the consumer in their journey down the road or highway of misinformation. It would be one thing entirely if the sites in question ban or blocked any abusers of their sites and further, took down any hateful unproven charges against another “free of charge” but the sad truth is, neither of these sites will do this as they again, profit off of the negative press that others are getting posted about them on these otherwise known “Smear Sites”.
At this point in the post, I started pondering the differences between a legitimate consumer reporting site and what is considered by some to be a consumer smear site and this is what I cam up with in researching the definitions between the two the first of which being the “consumer reporting agency” and all the laws in which constitutes a consumer reporting agency such as you can read over at this provided link of :, after reading this link I would ask you the reader of this post, do you think rip off report and complaints are really considered a consumer reporting sites? as they claim to be.
Secondly, I researched what is considered the differences between libel and slander that we see so much of on the sites in question and here’s what I came up with as follows in this link provided for you here at:, sounds a lot like what we see on the gripe sites, doesn’t it ?
Let’s look again at what people say about rip off reports and complaints board to gain a wider perspective in how these sites interact with the public by reading this link provided here for you at : and more so, the following link provided here at: .

It would seem that the sites we’ve been talking about here have more bad reviews then good business reviews coming from people all over the country, from people all over the world that further, have either been victimized by untrue postings nor successful in getting their money back from a business they’ve had a conflict with via using these questionable rant sites.

And let’s look at this helpful bit of information concerning who the real owner of complaints board is from the “Who’s who directory” as follows by the Individual in whom did this research below on the link given below : “Domain Name : Creation Date 2006-06-22, Registration Date…. 2006-06-22, Expiry Date 2009-06-22, Organization Name…. Elizabeth Arden (99% fake name Elizabeth Arden taken from the skin care company), Organization Address. P O Box 99800, Organization Address. EmeryVille” Organization Address 94662, Organization Address. CA, Organization Address. USA
“Tech Name : Private Reg Contact, TECH Tech Address: P O Box 99800, Tech Address: Emery Ville, Tech Address: 94662, Tech Address: CA Tech Address, US Tech Email :, Tech Phone: +1.5105952002,Tech Fax, Name,Name” that you can further view in it’s entirety at the prescribed link following below at this link provided for your convenience here as follows at:

Ok, now that we’ve given a objective look at a couple of scam forums on the web that people have trusted and flocked to in the past, people who’ve discovered who the shadowy figures are behind these sites and their primary goals being, the embellishment of who they really are, who they actually know or have working relationships with, how their allegedly there to serve the public and the questionable ways they feed off human misery for profit to which, leaves one question yet to ask in that, why are people still posting on these sites when they could become the victim themselves of bad or false press ? You got me.
As I’ve stated in the rip off report article previously posted above in that anyone can go up on these particular sites and post against a business or even a private individual and worse, pretty much say anything they want however often times is the case, that these same sites used by the consumer to cause shame through the exposure of others will typically end up being the source of their own personal pain and shame and why ?
Because all anyone else has to do, and like the consumer who post on these sites, would be to get up and and post what they think of that consumer via posting lies, libel, defamatory or personal information against the original plaintiffs name, information that will stay on the search engines for years and years to come.
If everyone in the world were honest and forthright then these sites would work flawlessly but unfortunately, not everyone in the world is honest and some out there are even nasty people lacking scrupulous and or, really ignorant, mentally ill and morally bankrupt individuals.
For instance, business competitors who wish to smear the good reputations of their composition, school aged children who like to bully other kids on the web, the mentally ill that will do and say anything shocking to get some attention from whoever will listen to them and lastly, the scam sites themselves whom many believe to post their own negative comments to stir conflict, just to name a few categories of the people we see posting on these sites.

People posting smut under several fictitious anonymous names from various locations while attempting to come across as several people posting grievances against a individual or company and again why, Why do the do this ? Because the want to maximize the reputation damage against the target or victim of their anger, this is otherwise known as a smear campaign launched by others that stand to gain in some way through the defaming of another’s good reputation.
Really in essence, these sites shouldn’t be labeled scam forums, consumer reporting sites, consumer complaint sites, consumer complaints board, or rip off report sites other then, open forum venting or rant sites and again why ? because most of the reports on these sites are not based in fact more so then posted out of anger in my opinion and hence, I don’t believe these rip off sites serve the consumer in any positive way, shape or form.
And lastly, I would warn again, that the primary goal of these sites is to make money, to provide a open ranting forum site that invites anyone in the world to come up and post negative material against another under the protection of anonymity and free speech, to post un-factchecked articles that damages the reputations of others that in-turn, causes those others to pay out money to these rant sites for either the removal of the negative review and or, to change the header around a bit on the negative review so it doesn’t look so bad on the search engines.
Legitimate consumer reporting sites don’t have to lie about themselves and or, embellish their personal histories or associations and further, they really don’t worry about being sued because these organizations don’t hide behind the federal communication decency act, the anonymity law, or the first amendment as do the rant sits and why ?
Because, when federal and state agencies take a report concerning a unethical business practice, the real full first and last name of the plaintiff is recorded along with the factual accounting of the event and so, companies have the right to face their accusers and a special note before we move on, federal and state agencies don’t prosecute private individuals for unethical business practices and why ? Because they don’t own a business.
However, they will through out false reports and more so will and at times, prosecute under law anyone filing a false report against any business and worse, the offending person leaves themselves open to not only federal and state charges, but a lawsuit by the company or person in which they have launched a false or libel and slanderous report against. Oh that kind of weeds out the dummies making slanderous reports against others, doesn’t it ?
In the case of a legitimate charge of unethical business practice the federal and state consumer agencies will pick up the legal charges against a company or cooperation while not charging the plaintiff for anything and or in-fact, they in some cases, will pay for the plaintiffs transportation and temporary housing so that they can appear at a given hearing or trial in the event that the plaintiffs testimony is needed or key to the prosecution that is, should the plaintiff not have the finance to travel to a given location for trial.
The federal and state legal process sounds a little different then what we see coming from these open rant sits, doesn’t it ? Yes, it is a entirely different process all together for the sole reason, that it is geared to obtain justice for the consumer and not, geared for personal profit or gain as can be seen in the business format of rip off report, complaint board, consumer complaint boards and other grip sites set up in this fashion.
In closing on this post, I will just say that when we choose to post anything on these sites because we think it will resolve our problems with a unethical business, or a business with bad business practices, little do we know that these sites collect our information and can turn on us as can be seen here in this offered link at : and furthermore, I will leave you with this ink to read over in where others that have had miserable experiences with the rant sites at this provided link of : and lastly :!topic/websearch/QtyNlKwUce8
God bless and take care one and all.

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